Steppin' Out Performing Arts Center Company Auditions 2019 - 2020

We are excited to announce our upcoming auditions for Company 2019-2020 season! If you love dancing and performing, we would love to have you at our auditions! Please read through all the information carefully and email us with any additional questions that you may have.

What does it mean to be a company member at Steppin' Out?
Being a company member at Steppin' Out Performing Arts Center requires hard work, patience, commitment and dedication to the art of dance. We look for student's who are eager to grow and learn to enhance their skills.

Our Company members have received top honors both regionally and nationally at competitions, have taken classes from top choreographers, and have grown both as dancers and individuals. The sky is the limit for what they can accomplish.

What skills do you need to be in company? 
Our skills vary depending on the age of the child. We will have multiple competing companies in various genres. The levels vary according to age and

How does our Company Work:
Members of our company get the opportunity to choose which genres they wish to audition for. All company members are required to take ballet and production. For example you can choose to audition for all genres or just jazz and lyrical. This gives you the opportunity to experience our competitive company but also allows you outside activities to be involved in as well if you choose.

SOPAC Junior:
This is a new company for our younger students first starting out in the competition world.

This company is for students with exceptional coordination, good musicality and memorization skills with an eagerness to learn and grow. They can take classes 2 – 3 days a week.

SOPAC Senior:
This company is for students who are improving in their overall technique, performance quality, style and artistic expression. They can take classes 3 – 4 days a week.

SOPAC Elite:
This is our highest-level Company. These distinguished dancers have outstanding technique, style, grace, performance quality, strong ballet technique and artistic expression. This company will have guest choreographers come in and set competition pieces where additional fees will be involved. They take class 4 days a week.

Competition Levels:
Each company dance will be placed in the appropriate competitive level for each competition based on the overall average ability of the group, not individuals.

Company Rehearsals:
You will notice on the schedule "Company Rehearsals". This is a schedule for all privates, solos, duets, trios and small groups to be rehearsed during the week instead of on Saturday. There will be no Saturday rehearsals until January 2020. We will notify you in advance of the schedule. Please be prepared to participate in January rehearsals when the time comes.

Company Members will be required:ss

  • Take class in various forms of dance
  • Attend classes 2 - 4 days a week
  • Receive/Purchase a Company Jacket
  • Locker
  • Work with professional guest teacher's and choreographers
  • Attend and compete at 4 regional dance competitions around the Southeast including out of state
  • Attend a Summer workshop is August 1st-4th, 2019  with guest teachers and choreographers.


Tuition and Fees:
**Boys taking Hip Hop and Production only: $120.00**

If any boys take more then hip hop and production, you will follow the tuition schedule below.

3 Classes:                                           $190.00
4 Classes:                                           $210.00
5 Classes:                                           $225.00
6 Classes:                                           $235.00
7 Classes:                                           $250.00                                                                                    
8 Classes:                                           $260.00
9 Classes:                                           $290.00
10 Classes:                                         $305.00
11-15 Classes:                                    $345.00
*After 15 classes add $12 for every additional classss

Adult Company:
1 Class: :                                           $60.00
2 Classes::                                         $110.00

Registration Fees:
$25.00 Audition Fee per child
$40.00 registration for one child
$55.00 registration fee for 2 children
$60 registration fee for 3 or more children

Company Related Expenses: (Estimates):
Company Jacket                                  $100.00
Jewelry                                                  $35-$50
Production Fee                                    $140.00 per student due in SEPTEMBER
Costumes                                             $150-$200 per costume- they can come under budget but not guaranteed
Summer Camp                                     estimated at $325
*Competition Prep Rehearsal Fee   $25.00 per student
* This is the rehearsal fee for the Cobb Civic Center rehearsal in February.
Choreography Fees by Steppin Out Staff: All fees must be paid by cash or check to Choreographer:
Solo                                                        $550.00
Duet                                                       $550.00/2  ($225 pp)
Trio                                                         $555.00/3  ($185 pp)
Small Group                                          $1000.00 (# of people in dance)

Competition Administrative Fee:
$10.00 per student per competition

Competition Fees per Dance - Competitions tend to change fees in the Fall/Winter. These are subject to change:ss
Solo                                                     $100.00 - $140.00
Duet                                                    $100.00 - $140.00 /2
Trio                                                      $100.00 - $140.00/3
Groups                                               $50.00 - $65.00
Production                                         $50.00 - $65.00

*All competition fees paid via a credit/debit card or through the Jackrabbit Portal will be charged an additional 4% surcharge.*

Costume Payments:
All costumes for all company classes must be paid in FULL for all Company Classes by December 1, 2020. Any costumes that are NOTpaid for by the due date will not be ordered. You must make monthly payments beginning in August of at least $150.00 per month.

Guest Choreography:
Any guest choreography that is set for your child will have the following CLEANING fee attached for us to work and clean and prepare the dance for competition season. If a dance needs to be re-choreographed additional fees will be applied.

Solos:                                           $150.00
Duets:                                           $250.00/2
Trios:                                           $350.00/3
Groups: $600.00/amount of people in dance


Company Showcase:
All company members will be required to purchase 3 company tickets for the Company Showcase in May 2020.

Competitions are not optional. If you are a company member at Steppin' Out you must compete at all dance competitions. It is a commitment that you are making to your studio and your teammates. 

Competition Rehearsals:
All students must attend all classes and rehearsals the week prior to a competition. Anyone who misses any classes (unexcused) prior to the weekend of competition may not be able to compete the following weekend.

Competition Schedules:
Based on the competition schedule, venues, locations, etc. is how we determine which competitions we are going to go to. Please note you will be REQUIRED to be at ALL classes the week of Winter Break.  

All tuition is due by the first of each month. All families must have a credit or debit card on file. Any late tuition will be charged a late fee of $20.00. Anyone who is signed up for direct debit will have their tuition withdrawn on the 1st of the month.

What to wear:
 A neat appearance is very important so...dress like a dancer!! Please wear all black dance attire. No baggy shirts or shorts.  Please pull all your hair back neatly in a BUN and off your face. We want to be able to see you!

Audition Placement Class- Wednesday May 8, 2019-
5:00-6:30 pm 11 & under
6:30-8:30 pm 12 & over
$25 audition fee

Credit/Debit Card -
All company members will be required at registration to submit a credit/debit card to be kept on file. On the 15th of each month, beginning in August, any outstanding fees that have not been paid will be charged to your card as well as the $20.00 late fee.

*New this year- any transaction using an American Express card will be charged a 4% surcharge.